Journeys and Picnics

  • Books are journeys. Books remain the best way to explore an idea in depth, because the author and reader travel together for weeks or months with little distraction.
  • Conferences are picnics. Conferences allow you to sample from a smorgasbord of ideas in a very short time, and as social events, they enable you to learn with others — which can be far more impactful than learning alone.

Making conferences more like books

  1. Identify the themes that currently animate the conversations that designers are already having in enterprises
  2. Sequence those themes from from pragmatic to strategic
  3. Find speakers to who can speak to each theme
  4. Drive those speakers insane by forcing them to develop their ideas iteratively and collaboratively over 4–5 months

Another experiment

  1. What designers have learned so far about operations—especially in settings where design is already within the organization’s DNA
  2. What operations people from contexts outside design can teach designers
  3. What operations people have had to learn about design—especially in settings where operations is established and design is relatively new



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Louis Rosenfeld

Louis Rosenfeld

Founder of Rosenfeld Media. I make things out of information.